Top Crypto Communities to join


The crypto market is witnessing tremendous growth, and the introduction of new crypto projects is adding to the existing list. Amidst the super paced growing domain, it is getting a bit difficult keeping a track of all the recent crypto developments and updates. 

Nevertheless, the growing acceptance of cryptocurrency has motivated many crypto communities to step up and share the latest cryptocurrency developments. Such crypto communities are using various platforms to offer their strategies to investors to maximize profits and share their insights on the market trends. 

Being said that, choosing the best crypto community can be quite challenging, especially if you’re a novice investor. Thus, to ease your task, we present to you some of the top crypto communities to join in 2023.

What are crypto communities?

A network of like-minded individuals that gather to discuss and exchange information about the cryptocurrency industry, forms a crypto community. These can be small to large groups with hundreds to thousands of members. 

Crypto communities serve as an excellent source of information for crypto enthusiasts. Whether you are a seasoned trader or a rookie, joining a crypto community can help you keep up with the latest advancements and updates in the sector.

Discord, Reddit, Twitter, and Telegram are some of the popular social media platforms used by crypto communities to build their network. 

Top crypto communities

If you are interested in joining a crypto community, then check out the following list that compiles some of the top crypto communities to join in 2023. 

One of the best crypto communities on Discord, Jacob Bury server helps both traders and investors in reaping maximum profits from their investments. The server offers Bitcoin news and educational information to assist new traders and investors. 

The group focuses on providing updates regarding trading signals, crypto pre-sales, top NFTs and much more. The platform allows members to discuss and interact with other traders and exchange useful information. 



Cryptohub is another top crypto community on Discord platform. This community offers free services to investors, especially beginners. Although the group does not share in-depth information on NFTs, DeFi or mining, it is a good platform to start for beginners entering the crypto market. 

The server offers 10 comprehensive guides on subjects like how to get started with trading, the best places to invest in new Bitcoin projects, and the best wallets. Also, this server has more than 30 rooms offering abundant information on various themes. 

Crypyohub’s compression rates rank the best when compared to other Discord crypto servers for beginners. 



Binance is one of the largest crypto exchanges in terms of daily trading volumes. If you are seeking more information on Binance, then becoming a member of r/Binance can be helpful to you.

r/Binance is a crypto community on reddit with approximately 891K Binancians. The community offers a place to interact and discuss anything and everything about cryptocurrency and Binance. 

If you are a newbie, then Binance is a good option to start as it offers all the information regarding how the services may be utilized. 


With nearly 6.4M members, r/Cryptocurrency is one of the most active subreddit overall. It’s a leading community for cryptocurrency discussions, latest news and updates, and market analysis.

The platform rewards its members with Moon, its official currency, for their active participation and valuable contributions to the subreddit. Moons are distributed on a monthly basis and are used to weigh members’ vote on polls. 


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DeFi million community, is another telegram group for crypto enthusiasts to get information on crypto, NFTs and DeFi. At present, there are approximately 1.11M subscribers, thus, making it an excellent channel for promoting cryptocurrency.

This channel offers free information on cryptocurrencies, tokens and trade signals. It is well-known for making huge profits and influencing the release of new tokens in the crypto market. 

Since this is a channel, it doesn’t offer any interaction medium. However, there is no compromise to the subscriber’s privacy. 



Bitinning is a Web3 information-based channel that was introduced by Kashif Raza, one of India’s top crypto/Web3 educators. Moreover, it’s like a gold mine of Web3 information, to assist both rookies and professionals in enhancing their knowledge and choosing Web3 as one of their career choices.

Bitinning aims to simplify the concepts of crypto, NFTS, DAO and other Web3- based concepts. By simplifying their use-cases and outlining the real world challenges the projects are dealing with, the channel focuses on narrowing the gap between Web3 initiatives and potential users.  

Kashif Raza conducts interviews and podcasts with several developers, industry experts and entrepreneurs in the crypto domain, the notifications of which can be received on telegram, twitter, etc. 



The group began its journey in 2018, aiming to build a community focused on educating crypto enthusiasts about cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency trading. The channel offers trade recommendations based on technical and fundamental analysis.

The platform offers a great place to share your thoughts on pricing market movement, exchanging memes, and staying up to date with the latest developments in the crypto market.  



Binance Killers is a telegram channel primarily focusing on Binance listings. The channel offers a platform to post queries, analyze trade signals, and discuss latest crypto advancements with the community admin and members.

With the premium plans the members can receive trade signals with entry points, targets and stop losses. They also receive market analysis and recommendations to make increased profits and portfolio review by professionals. 

Moreover, it offers review reports by field experts on upcoming promising crypto projects. 


A community consisting of elite Bitcoin futures traders that exchange tactics, market insights and expertise to improve the trading skills of the community members. The group also offers free Binance futures trading signals. 

The trading specialists of this group dominate the crypto market with an astonishing 92% proven accuracy, proving their field expertise. Moreover, the trading team offers technical analysis and customized charts for each call. 

Crypto Inner Circle’s free channel has delivered much successful trades as compared to channels with the same premium services. The Crypto Inner Circle places a strong emphasis on transparency, making all transactions, charts, analysis, and outcomes (profits and losses) available to the public.



Wolf of Trading is a renowned crypto signals telegram group aiming to help the crypto traders make maximum profit in the crypto market. The group is dedicated towards providing its members with attractive trading opportunities and latest information.

Wolf of Trading is a community primarily focused on novices and offers more than just trading signals. By analyzing the current industry trends in the market, it monitors the possible outcomes on long and short-term prices. 

The group’s expert technical analysis includes evaluations of trade volume, support and resistance levels, and chart patterns.



WOLFX signals is a platform preferred by short-term traders looking for reliable trading signals. The group offers paid as well as free crypto trading signals and forex signals.

Moreover, the platform allows the traders to use Cornix trading bot to either automate trades or execute them annually. It also focuses on disclosing the daily gains or losses, and also makes weekly signals analysis available via telegram channels. 

WOLFX has successfully created its place among the most transparent crypto signals producers. 



Wallstreet Queen Official

A crypto community on telegram, Wallstreet Queen Official offers trading signals for free as well as premium services solely for VIPs. With each trading signal, there is a clear price chart highlighting the support and resistance levels, and pertinent chart patterns and indicators.

Moreover, they also specify profit and leverage, trade signals with a stop loss, and updates about the present market conditions like profitable Bitcoin supply or fear and greed index. This community also tracks and monitors its past trading signals performances, so as to improve their present performance. 



Cryptosignals.org is a crypto community group formed by a team of professional traders, that provides its members with crypto trading signals and in-depth market research. The group offers insights into the best crypto to invest in at the instance by sending trading signals via telegram to the members.

Apart from BTC, the group provides trading signals for ETH, BNB, ADA, LINK, DOT, and XRP. The platform offers paid as well as free crypto trading signals to its members. 

The free telegram group sends three signals weekly. However, the paid services offer three signals per day. 



A subreddit crypto community with 1.11M members, Bitcoin Beginners is a great place to start if you are new to Bitcoin and intend to dive deeper into the crypto realm. The platform deals with queries related to Bitcoin only and does not entertain memes, or affiliate links.

If you want assistance with your trading skills or need answers to your queries, Bitcoin Beginners is the best place to start with. 



Dash 2 trade is a crypto analytics platform , still in its beta stage, managed by analysts and traders. The discord platform provides its members with indicators, social analytics and trading signals, to ease their decision-making process.

Furthermore, Dash 2 trade is completely distinctive due to the integration of on-chain and social analytical findings. It analyzes numerous tokens and currencies to find the next most profitable deal. 



Reasons to join a crypto community

Some of the reasons to join a crypto community are:

The crypto realm is full of surprises for a beginner. By becoming a member of a crypto community you can interact with like-minded people across the globe. This helps in staying up to date with the latest advancements in cryptocurrency and also exchange of ideas. 

For example, if you have any query regarding crypto trends or the services offered, there will be several online members available to resolve your queries.

  • Greater Prospects for earning money

When interaction takes place between like-minded individuals, their chances of growth increases. Because the crypto community offers something new to learn everyday, more and more people start engaging and interacting. This expands the network reach and hence, opens more opportunities for making money. 

Since crypto communities involve users across the globe, it is crucial to maintain trust and improve inclusivity. Also, the availability of instant query solutions and accessibility to other’s opinions, helps to build user’s trust in the community. 

Joining a crypto community increases the chances of getting expert advice on a trade call. There are high chances of a trade to be successful followed with expert advice. 


Crypto communities are a good option to interact with like-minded people and to stay in touch with latest developments in the crypto industry. These communities allow the users to exchange knowledge and ideas, share their expertise, and resolve their queries. 

Also, these communities frequently arrange meetings and events, offering great opportunities for crypto enthusiasts to interact and establish useful relationships. 

So, if you are planning to be more active in the crypto domain, then joining a crypto community is the best option to start with. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A crypto community is a group of traders and investors sharing their interests, expertise and opinions on cryptocurrency. Crypto communities are built on popular social media platforms like telegram, twitter, discord, reddit, etc.

The Global Crypto Community (GCC) is a well-known crypto community that carefully observes the key components of the crypto domain. GCC participates in the endeavors of cryptocurrency supporters, miners, creators, investors, and businesspeople from across the globe.

Social media platforms like discord, reddit, telegram, twitter, etc. are popular choices among crypto community creators.

The crypto communities develop community tokens or currencies to promote their unique brands to followers. Token owners can receive special perks only available to that community.

By becoming a member of a crypto community, you may seek expert advice on any crypto related issue and also receive trading tips. Joining a crypto community also gives you the chance to build connections and interact with individuals that share similar interests as you.


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